sermon: Our Part in the Sanctification Process (Part Two): Cultivating Love

Cultivating Mature Self-Love
David F. Maas
Given 04-May-19; Sermon #1486A; 30 minutes

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David Maas, resuming the series "Our Part in the Sanctification Process," focuses on the need to cultivate mature self-love. Using a pair of metaphors (a set of six dams on a water causeway and six interconnected transformers on a gigantic power grid) he explores the love circuit emanating from God, to ourselves, to our family and brethren, to our friends, our acquaintances, and ultimately to our current enemies, pointing out that, when we wire anything electrical, the connections must be 100% perfect or there will be a short circuit and a broken connection. If one part of the connection malfunctions, the whole system will fail to function. Because God has so carefully warned us about the dangers of narcissism, selfishness, and pride, it is apparent that Satan has cleverly convinced us to go to the other extreme, avoiding mature, godly self-love as though it were leprosy. The opposite of selfishness is not self-hatred, but mature self-love, namely loving ourselves as a responsible, caring parent would (or should) love a growing child.

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