sermon: Our Part in the Sanctification Process (Part Three): Cultivating Joy

Short Term Happiness, Long Term Joy
David F. Maas
Given 24-Aug-19; Sermon #1503; 64 minutes

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God is the inventor of pleasure, happiness, and joy. He alone owns the copyright on the magnificent drive-reduction mechanism (a facet of God's mind: Romans 1:20) ubiquitous throughout the entirety of creation, and strategies to attain, augment, and prolong short-term physical pleasure and acquire long-term spiritual joy. The specific purpose in this message is to provide biblical strategies to cultivate the fruit of joy, including (1.) developing contentment and gratitude, 2.) learning to prefer giving over getting, 3.) finding pleasure in work, 4.) finding our God-ordained purpose, and 5.) embracing God's Holy Law, which will constitute our spiritual DNA and our first nature. We find that major works of secular world literature and philosophy, as well as honest science (not the false science mentioned in I Timothy 6:20), corroborates God's Word as well, substantiating that the "Way of Give" (altruistic hedonism) is far superior to the "Way of Get," bringing pleasures forevermore (Psalm 16:11).

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