feast: Our Part in the Sanctification Process (Part Four): Cultivating Peace

Cultivating the Fruit of Peace
David F. Maas
Given 20-Oct-19; Sermon #FT19-07; 62 minutes

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During the Feast of Tabernacles, we joyfully rehearse what it will be like to live in peace for an entire Millennium in which Satan will be bound and mankind will be ruled with equity by the Prince of Peace. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has given us the exclusive responsibility of tending and keeping our thought garden in our covenant relationship. The specific purpose of this message is to provide biblical strategies to cultivate the fruit of peace, including proactively controlling our thoughts and emotions, ending our personal war with God and submitting unconditionally to His will, making an effort to draw close to God, honoring God's Sabbath, striving to enter His rest, and embracing His law. Following these strategies will generate our spiritual DNA—our first nature as we pass from physical to spiritual life.

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