sermon: The Doctrine of Israel (Part Fourteen): Israel Redeemed

The Fulfillment of Atonement
Richard T. Ritenbaugh
Given 28-Sep-20; Sermon #1565; 82 minutes

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God employs a winnowing process in selecting those who will enter the Millennium—repentant, chastened, humbled, and ready to serve. The winnowing process as it pertains to national Israel includes punishment for her failure to serve as a nation of priests, modeling God's law to gentiles. Isaiah 1:1-9 shows Israel's massive corruption because of sin, necessitating God's correction—famine, disease, captivity and death, all the consequences of trampling God's law underfoot and rejecting the Messiah. To this day, modern Israel fails to connect sin with its consequences. After intense punishment, God will bring a remnant to repentance. Having restored the remnant to the land He promised Abraham, and unifying Judah and Israel, God will provide the new theocracy with the wherewithal to accomplish the task Israel failed to carry out under the Old Covenant. The Day of Atonement depicts a time of reconciliation with God, a time which God's redeemed people fast, observing a Holy Convocation in which they receive God's instruction, choosing to allow God to do His work, shaping them for His purposes. The sacrifice of Christ expiates sin and obliterates it from memory.

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