sermonette: The Value of Humility

Austin Del Castillo
Given 18-Jul-15; Sermon #1277s; 19 minutes

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While pride has destructive, corrosive effects, genuine humility in the workplace and in our relationships with one another is of great value. Humility is important as we are guided by God's Holy Spirit; we are obligated to do something constructive with it. The former guardian cherub is the architect of pride, his heart lifted up by his beauty, causing him to develop an entitlement mentality, an affliction shared by all who have carnal human nature. Pride hopelessly distorts our view of reality, as well as our relationship with Almighty God and our fellow called-out ones. We have been called out to be separate, holy, and sanctified, submitting ourselves to one another, rather than elevating ourselves over one another. Being humble is not for the faint of heart, but it requires the Spirit of God operating in our lives.


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