sermon: Being Deceived

Clyde Finklea
Given 21-Dec-19; Sermon #1521A; 36 minutes

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Christ warned that many would be deceived in the end-times, though no one ever admits to being deceived. The Bible warns of deceptions from within and without the church. Most of us remember how ravenous wolves, preaching the same errant antinomian heresy embraced by mainstream Christianity, devoured our previous fellowship. Subtle deception is far more inclusive than outright lies, and half-truths or truths cast in a perverted light are also part of the deception spectrum. Just as demon-possessed sorcerers confronted Paul and Barnabas, so the elect living in the last days will be exposed to lying wonders engineered by the prince of the power of the air who successfully passes not only himself, but his evil co-workers as well, as angels of light. As God's called-out ones, it is our obligation to practice the Apostle Peter's formula for spiritual growth and partaking of the divine nature, reviewed in II Peter 1:5-7, in order to protect us from deception

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