sermonette: The Angel and the Apostle

David C. Grabbe
Given 17-Oct-20; Sermon #1566s; 17 minutes

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Hebrews 1-2 clearly establish Jesus Christ's superiority over angels, but notably do not mention or elaborate on the Angel of the Lord, a highly significant figure with which the Hebrews would have been well familiar. This Angel of the Lord (synonymous with Jesus Christ) spoke to Hagar "between Kadesh and Bered," to Abraham on Mt. Moriah, and to Moses from the burning bush. The noun angel, meaning "one sent" (malach or malech), applies to priests as messengers of God, including John the Baptist. However, malach falls short of the significance of Jesus Christ, who is the Spokesman for the God Family and the High Priest for God's saints. References to Apostle and High Priest never apply to created angels. The reason the apostle Paul (the presumptive author of Hebrews) did not use an apostolic salutary greeting—common in his epistles—is his determination to show deference to the ultimate Apostle and High Priest, Jesus Christ.


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