biblestudy: The Commandments (Part 1)

Idolatry, Part 1
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 02-Jul-88; Sermon #BS-TC01; 76 minutes

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What have we accepted as our authority for permitting ourselves to do or behave as we do— our value system, our code of ethics or code of morality? All law is nothing more than codified morality. Alarmingly, if one willingly rejects God's statutes and judgments, turning instead to his own ideas (or his political institution's ideas) about what constitutes right and wrong- he has become an idolater, subjecting himself to an alien body of law and morality, influenced by Satan. Whatever we choose to obey becomes automatically our sovereign lord. Throughout the relatively brief history of modern Israel, the source of law (or system of morality) has steadily and dramatically shifted away from biblical principles to human moralistic relativism — plunging our entire culture into reprobate debased idolatry- designating good as evil and evil as good. Displacing God's standards for morality with man's standards of morality is the root cause of idolatry.

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Body of laws Clash of values Clearing Code of morality Conscience Cosmos Debased mind Ethics Idolatry Moral relativism Penalties Origin of law Rules Reprobate mind Sabbath law Satan as the god of this world Scattering Self condemnation Separation of church and state Source of law Standards of morality Sting of the law Source of Law System of morality

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