biblestudy: Acts (Part Six)

Acts 4-5:11 Peter and John's Boldness and Courage
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 06-Sep-88; Sermon #BS-AC06; 88 minutes

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In Acts 4, Peter, inspired by God's Spirit, demonstrated exemplary boldness and courage before the Sadducees (zealous influential movers and shakers of the Jewish community, descendants of the Maccabees), religious leaders who feared losing their power and influence. Peter, John, and the early church had confidence in God's absolute sovereignty, realizing that no human authority could thwart God's power. This powerful conviction gave them confidence to endure their trials, submitting to whatever God had prepared for them, realizing that God uses trials to further His ultimate purpose for them. The last portion of this chapter illustrates the exemplary, voluntary generosity exhibited in the early church.

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