biblestudy: Acts (Part Twenty-Five)

Acts 25-26 Paul's Appeal to Festus and His Testimony to King Agrippa
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 14-Mar-89; Sermon #BS-AC25; 85 minutes

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As chapter 25 opens, Festus replaces Felix as governor. Paul, again defending himself from the two-year old spurious sedition charge, exercising his right of Roman citizenship, appealed to Caesar (in an effort to remain in protective custody). Festus, seeking the counsel of King Agrippa II, (providing Paul yet another opportunity to connect the Jewish hope of the resurrection with the Christian message), sends Paul to Rome. Ironically had Paul not appealed to Caesar, Agrippa (moved by Paul's testimony and convinced of his innocence) would have set him free. But God evidently had other plans for Paul.

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