commentary: Conspiracy Theory (Part Six)

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 03-Jan-15; Sermon #1247c; 12 minutes

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Satan, attempting to once again usurp God's power and sovereignty, has been engineering a conspiratorial plan. He has carefully modeled it after God's propensity to work through families, working with familial traits, skills, and temperaments, using his present limited authority as ruler of this age and its cosmos. It appears that Satan picked up the pace of his plans in the 1700s, after the Protestant Reformation returned some respect toward the Bible and the moral standards reflected from its teachings. A counter-reformation was launched by the Jesuits, an order from which Pope Francis has emerged. In the meantime, humanistic leaders have been weaning people away from high moral standards to accept the baseness and depravity of the present culture. It has taken generations of time to implement this reprobate morality, eroding belief in God, destroying the family, and fostering excessive corruption in government and society.

In one of my previous commentaries on this subject, I suggested that we must never lose sight that Satan is directly engineering this most major of all conspiracies because he has designed it to knock God from His throne, and at the same time, immediately following that is the return of Jesus Christ. Thus this conspiracy will both directly and indirectly impact on us. It is both timely, and at the same time, the means by which he is being used by God to fulfill prophecy. His involvement serves as the means by which organized resistance to God's rule through Christ exists at this time.

The commentary given two weeks ago contained an operational rule which helps single out Satan as the principal organizing leader. It is that those humans under his authority in this conspiracy plan in terms of generations of time, not a mere year or even five years as most of us do. Attached to that rule is that the conspiracy is organized along family lines rather than individual lines. Those two rules may seem insignificant, but neither is common among men.

Where did Satan get these ideas? Well, he borrowed them from God—both of them. Most especially the family aspect. For example, God, until the flood, worked solely through the family of Adam and Eve as the generations listed in Genesis show. After the flood, He first chose to carry His purpose on through the family of Shem. Then, from Shem's descendants, He chose the family of Abraham. Following that, when Jacob was born to Abraham's son, Isaac, He chose to work through Isaac's son, Jacob, not the firstborn, Esau. Jacob had twelve sons, and from those 12, He chose the families of Judah (who was his fourth son, born to Leah), and then Joseph, the first born of his second wife, Rachel. Those were chosen for special responsibilities.

Now there are a number of sound reasons for doing this this way, but perhaps the most solid one is because families share commonalities that promote a most helpful organizational efficiency. In other words, families tend to work together better than other means of organization.

Perhaps the key word there is "commonalities." The term "commonalities" in this case indicates characteristics like skills, knowledge, inclinations, and temperaments. In other words, strengths that almost seem to exist by nature because they are passed on from generation to generation.

Now, not all family characteristics are good ones. The Bible on occasion gives us insight into what some might be. For example, in Genesis 49:5, Jacobs says of Simeon and Levi that "they are brothers; instruments of cruelty are in their habitations," thus indicating there is a tendency towards violence in that family. Of Issachar, it seems to describe them as being unusually hard working people, almost slavishly so. Of Joseph, that family is described as being fruitful, and thus, they are expansively-thinking people who capably produce a great deal of prosperity.

None of this makes any family better than any other, but knowing of family characteristics is helpful for one's discernment regarding what is going on in this world. It is especially helpful to Satan, whose clever use of people for his programs far excels any of ours.

Consider this: Satan is a destroyer, but he is also capable of prospering people in terms a social endeavors, such as increasing their public influence in areas of political, academic, corporate, literary, entertainment, fashion, psychology, and military achievement. That is, in this world. Do not forget that the cosmos is Satan's and his demons' creation The apostle John tells us Satan has deceived the whole world (Revelation 12:9). In I John 5:19, John declares the whole world lies under Satan. In Matthew 4:8, it adds that Satan showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and promised him their glory if Jesus would just worship him. They were clearly his to give if Jesus submitted.

I say these things so that you will be reminded that under God, Satan is running this world and he can choose whomever he wants to put into positions of power and he will train them before he puts them in that position to carry out his intents. This operation that I am commentating on is not led by a human. As we can easily discern, God has given Satan a great deal of latitude in his use of this creation, including its inhabitants: Us. In addition, we can discern from the insight the Bible gives us of the liberty God gave Satan in dealing with a single person: Job. We can discern much of how Satan would proceed to organize.

Consider these elements: As far as we know, he doesn't know exactly when Jesus will return, but I believe it is a certainty given his existing powers that he can determine it much more closely than men can. And thus, I am certain he would begin selecting people and their descendants around which to form his conspiratorial team, generations before his estimate of the time of Christ's return. My own personal guess as to when he began to more seriously move on this world would be roughly around 1700 AD.

Profane history tells us a great deal. At that time—around 1700—the Protestant Reformation was in full swing to such a powerful extent that it forced the Catholic Church to organize a counter-revolution formed around the Jesuit order—the "Pope's Commandos," as they are popularly called. That organization—the "Pope's Commandos"—was formed purposely to counter much of the biblical truth learned by the Protestants, and they are active to this present day. The present Pope is a Jesuit—the first one ever to occupy that position. I think that's very interesting.

American history shows that it has taken generations of time to wean, even deceive, people who nonetheless had a fairly strong measure of belief in Jesus Christ and Christianity away from the high moral standards taught in the Bible. But gradually, increment by increment, through liberal concepts, weaning them into the baseness of today's profane level of immorality.

As beliefs in Christian values weakened, at one and the same time, he began using his team to wear away at the fabric of general public education, first in the universities where the teachers of this nation's children were trained. Then, those so trained passed on their misinformation to the children in elementary schools, and on through high school. And thus, both Christian and scholastic education were gradually weakened. Above all, belief in the Creator God and His Word in the Bible had to be crippled to the place where any that remained was virtually useless in truly creating a solid, high level of biblical character.

We can see the devastation clearly reflected in the destruction of family life on a vast scale. We can also see it in the corruption of government and business practices as compared with former generations. And we are clearly being set up for a major fall from a high level of admiration in the opinion of the citizens of other nations to one of being despised, as being a predator.

Next week, I will continue and overview of Satan's organizational plans.



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