sermon: Hebrews (Part Ten): Chapters 1 and 2

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 09-Nov-19; Sermon #1515; 71 minutes

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The pre-incarnate Christ created angels as ministering spirits to take care of God's offspring destined to be heirs of salvation. Psalm 110:1 makes His supremacy over the angels clear. God's called-out ones outrank the angels, although they currently lack angels' power and strength. Angels are part of God's celestial family awaiting, along with God the Father and Jesus Christ, the arrival of the resurrected saints. Both Old and New Testaments are replete with examples of angels rescuing the saints from dire predicaments. Longsuffering angels had to put up with Lot's denial as he lingered in Sodom. Angels held the mouths of hungry lions shut to rescue Daniel. Angels sprung Peter from a secure prison. God has assigned angels to protect His elect. Christ's superiority to the angels is established by His (1.) having obtained a more excellent name, (2.) being worshipped as the First Born, (3.) having created them, (4.) sitting on a divine throne next to God the Father, (5.) having been anointed above them, (6.) having created the universe, and (7.) having been exalted over them. Knowing these truths, God warns us not to drift away. If we do, we risk chastisement from our Creator to keep us on the right track. Though we may grow careless in our covenant relationship, taking it lightly, God remains steadfast.

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